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Our state, our school boards, superintendents, and principals have tough decisions to make, and we know they have our children’s best interests in mind.  However, when schools reopen we want to LET FAMILIES DECIDE if our children can return to high school sports.  Help us send a clear message to officials and shift responsibility and the assumption of risk to the people who know what's best for our kids' physical and mental health.

OUR FIRST GOAL HAS BEEN ACHIEVED. The state is not canceling fall sports. Now the hard work begins. We have to reach all seventy-eight (78) high school districts in California. Then we have to contact every school superintendent, every school board member, and every principal in the states 3,800+ high schools to let them know we want to Let Families Decide if their kids can return to sports when school reopens."


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GOAL - Bring back high school sports

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Parents have already overwhelmingly decided they want their kids back in school.  Accordingly, when schools reopen we want to shift the difficult decision about participating in sports from administrators back to the families.

When the parents in San Diego Unified School District, California's second-largest were asked if they wanted their children back in the classroom, preliminary results show that 89% of families want their children on-campus either full or part-time.

Our goal is consistent with our families' decision to send our kids back to school.  We, as parents, coaches, and community members want to "Let Families Decide" if our children can return to high school sports.  When they return to school, we should decide what they are permitted to do when they get there.

We need your help to make sure the decision-makers include us in this tough decision.  No one knows the benefits of high school sports for our kids' physical and mental well-being better than parents.  Join us in the fight to bring back high school sports when our kids return to school.


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About "Let

Families Decide"

I'm a father of two teenage STUDENT/Athletes and a high school head football coach and I couldn't sit back and wait any longer. 

I understand the amazing lessons high school sports offer our kids.  So the idea of my kids, my team, and 800K+ other kids being sidelined was making me crazy.

My thought was simple.  If I get to decide whether or not my sons' go back to school when they reopen, why don't I get a say in whether or not they play high school sports?


We Need Volunteers & Donations

With such a short period of time to reach so many important decision-makers, we could really use your help.

We are looking for the following:

  • Programmers (Email, Database)

  • Public Relations Professionals

  • Media Contacts

And most importantly we need the resources to carry out our goals.  We want to use every resource available to reach school superintendents, board members, and principals,  to tell them to  "Let Families Decide."