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We are parents, coaches and community members asking to be included in the tough decisions that need to be made about high school sports.



I'm a father of two teenage STUDENT/Athletes, and a high school head football coach and I couldn't sit back and wait any longer. 

I understand the amazing lessons high school sports offer our kids.  So the idea of my kids, my team, and 800K+ other kids being sidelined was making me crazy.

My thought was simple.  If I get to decide whether or not my sons go back to school when they reopen, why don't I get a say in whether or not they play high school sports when they get there?

If you know me, read anything about me, or watched a television interview about my perspective as a high school head football coach at Scripps Ranch High School, you know I believe in the power football and other sports to teach STUDENT/Athletes lessons that will last a lifetime.  Football, for example, can get kids to work physically harder than they ever will again unless they serve in our armed forces or become a fitness buff.  At Scripps Ranch, we use football to teach kids an individual's GPA is like a credit score.  A reflection of our ability to help the kids with their commitment, priorities, and effort to achieve on and off the field by raising the bar and making sure our expectations are both clear and met.  As a result, our team GPA went from 2.97 in 2017 to 3.71 in 2020.  On the field, our STUDENT/Athletes learned that their hard work, discipline, perseverance, ability to deal with adversity and how to coalesce as a team helped them have a record-breaking season.

Unfortunately, that magic wand (football) is in jeopardy due to Covid-19.  According to the County fo San Diego contract tracers, the recent spread is a result of adults, not kids, not wearing masks or socially distancing, which has a devastating effect on kids and sports.  So as I contemplate the prospect of not having a football season, the final season for my 16-year-old, a standout running back going into his senior year, one thing is clear.  In order to have a season, families will need to be allowed to decide if their kids can play sports, assuming all risks associated with close contact sports.  Much like a majority of parents in the San Diego Unified School District have already opted to send their kids to school full-time in the fall.  They understand Covid-19 still has the potential to spread, they also had to option to keep their kids at home for distance learning.  But their choice is clear, with only 5.3% of survey respondents are keeping their kids away from my school.

So Let Families Decide if they believe it is safe for their children to participate in high school sports.


Marlon Gardinera


Send a clear message before CIF decides the fate of high school sports on July 20, 2020.


If the impact on children and likeliness of grave illness remains low, we must give parents the same option to play high sports as we do about going to high school at all.  If we give families the option, we can play football and all other sports at the high school level.  If we leave it to others to decide what's best for our own children, they will choose caution over the lessons life and memories guaranteed to come from another season of football.



Sign up to help, then let's get to work to get our kids back in sports.

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