A Message from our Founder

LetFamiliesDecide.org was created to shift the responsibility of an incredibly tough decision from administrators to our families. If schools are open, let families decide if our kids can play high school sports.

Much like the decision was made by the California Department of Education to let school districts decide, many of those districts have put the question to their families. Those families have responded and the results are clear. Families want their children to return the physical, mental, social and emotion norms inherent school and participating in sports.

"As a father of two high school STUDENT/Athletes and a high school head football coach, I couldn't sit around doing nothing. I had to find a way to let administrators, who have our children's' best interest in mind, know we are ready to assume the risks associated with participation in football and other high school sports."

LetFamiliesDecide.org is my effort to make a difference for my sons, my team and the 800K STUDENT/Athletes around in the state of California that participate in high school sports programs.

If you know me, you know I believe in the power of football to make a difference in a kids life. I understand the benefits and as a parent I also can appreciate the risk. I believe families across the state have thought and talked about the challenges ahead. I also believe many of them want to see their kids on the field, court, and back in pools and on the track. LetFamiliesDecide.org is here to help make that happen.

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