GOAL #1 ACHIEVED - WE HAVE CONFIRMATION - Fall Sports Will Be Rescheduled, Not Canceled.

LetFamiliesDecide.org has received confirmation from CIF-Southern Section Commissioner Rob Wigod.

Fall sports will not be canceled. They will be rescheduled. The CIF decision will be announced Monday, July 20th. Our biggest fear was the cancellation of fall sports with the upward trend in Covid-19 cases, Governor Newsom's recent order for school reopening, and the absence of our voices at the state level.

LetFamiliesDecide.org, with the support of thousands of families has been in contact with California officials to send a clear message, Let Families Decide if their children can return to sports when schools reopen. The announcement from CIF on Monday will put to rest concerns about a cancellation of fall sports.

"Our first goal has been achieved. The state is not cancelling fall sports. Now the hard work begins. We have to reach all seventy-eight (78) high school districts in California. Then we have to contact every school superintendent, every school board member and every principal in the states 3,800+ high schools to let them know we want to Let Families Decide if their kids can return to sports when school reopen."

Next Steps for LetFamiliesDecide.org

#1 - Get 100,000 California Families to Join LetFamiliesDecide.org,

An increase from our original goal of 25,000. Why? Reaching local officials will take more supporters to reach out to their local officials. We need families in every district in every county and at every school in California.

#2 - Send our Message to Local Officials

Superintendents, school boards and principals throughout California need to hear our voices. Commissioner Wigod made it clear in his email, "...schools/school districts will make the ultimate decision...," so LetFamiliesDecide.org has a lot of work to do.

#3 - Raise the Funds to Press On

It will take time and resources to get our message out to . We'll need to advertise our message, utilize public relations firms to reach local media, take advantage of technology to spread our message and manage our database and mobilize our supporters. We need your help. Donate to LetFamiliesDecide.org so we can take these critical next steps

How We Got to this Point

LetFamiliesDecide.org has reached California officials on behalf of our supporters to make it clear, we want to Let Families Decide if they are ready to take on the risk and assume responsibility for their children's' return to high school sports.

We have also thanked each of these folks for being advocates for our children, their physical and mental health, and the green light from the state level to get our kids back to high school sports. There are still hurdles, but these folks have done their part and we are grateful.

  • Tony Thurmond - State School Superintendent

  • Ron Nocetti - Executive Director, CIF State Office

  • Bobbi Madsen - Director, CIF State Office

  • Cici Robinson - Director, CIF State Office

  • William Chavarin - Director CIF State Office

  • Rebecca Brutlag - Media Relations Officer - CIF State Officer

  • Elizabeth Kyle - Commissioner, CIF Northern Section

  • Pat Cruickshank - Commissioner, CIF North Coast Section

  • Mike Garrison - Commissioner, CIF Sac-Joaquin Section

  • Francisco Navarro - Commissioner, CIF Oakland Section

  • Dave Grissom - Commissioner, CIF Central Coast Section

  • Ryan Tos - Commissioner, CIF Central Section

  • Vicky Lagos - Commissioner, CIF Los Angeles City Section

  • Rob Wigod - Commissioner, CIF Southern Section

  • Joe Heinz - Commissioner, CIF San Diego Section

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