What Gov. Newsom's School Reopening Plan Means for LetFamiliesDecide.org

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

California Gavin Newsom provides details for on campus and distance learning in the fall.

"Learning in the state of California is simply non-negotiable," Newsom said as he announced plans for schools to open in the fall, shifting the decision from local districts to the state. Schools on the state's watchlist will start online, while counties not included on the list for fourteen consecutive days may open campuses.

For LetFamiliesDecide.org, it means when Covid-19 news cases slow and the trend heads downward, we have to be ready to make sure our voices are heard.

"Schools are going to reopen as soon as the numbers start trending downward. It is just a matter of time and people wearing masks, social distancing, washing their hands, and testing." When schools reopen, LetFamiliesDecide.org will be there to remind California officials we want our kids to return to high school sports."

When that time comes, LetFamiliesDecide.org will have to double-down on its goal of sending California officials a clear message. When schools reopen, we want to Let Families Decide if our kids can return to high school sports.

Take a look at the guidance from the State of California.

The guidance includes the standards for a safe return, closure if there is a resurgence in cases at a school and within a district. Governor Newsom was also clear about the expectations in online learning, important to families that were disappointed with the results of distance learning in the spring.

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