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In less than two weeks a decision will be made about the fate of high school sports in the fall.  Decision-makers need to know we want them to Let Families Decide!


Let's be honest.  Every time we hear someone cough, we pause and wonder, "do they have it?" There is no question, Covid-19 is scary and real.  But the likelihood of a healthy recovery for children is high.  Very high.  And parents who are concerned do not have to allow their children to participate.  But the decision about whether or not children continue to learn, develop, and compete should be up to families, not bureaucrats.  We know our administrators have our children's best interest in mind.  But their concern does not supersede our role as parents, to decide what's best for my sons and assume the responsibility for our decision, just like we are doing when we choose to send our kids back to school.


Help us spread the word, so decision-makers know we want to

Let Parents Decide!

Contact CIF


On July 20th, CIF Commissioners will decide the fate of fall sports in California high schools.  Tell them we want to shift that responsibility to our families.  Tell them to "Let Families Decide"  Take Action!

Contact Local

School Boards

School boards and districts throughout California have left the decision about returning to school up to families.  We want the same choice to return to high school sports.  Take Action!

Contact Your Principal

Your principal will play a key role in deciding what's best for our schools.  Make sure they know you want to "Let Families Decide" the fate of high school sports in your community. Take Action!

Spread the Word on Social Media

Let Families Decide is on social media.  Be sure to share our messages, news, videos and progress on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.  Follow us today!

Contact Local Media Outlets

The best way to get the message out is on television, radio, in newspapers, blogs and videos.  If you have contacts in the media, let us know. Contact Us Today!

Donate to "Let Families Decide"

With such a short time to spread our message, we will need your help for a full-scale media blitz, programming and organizing our effort.  Donate Today!



Let's get our kids back in school and back in sports.